View Full Version : Reference - 03 735i N62 - Multiple misfires at startup (SIB 11 02 05)

03-05-2010, 09:08 AM
We have a BMW 735i 2003 with N62 engine.

After starting the engine runs rough for a short time.
Diagnostic reports fault codes 2742,2743,2744,2745,2746,2748,2749 and 274E

After some googling we discovered this SIB from BMW


We have removed camshaft cover from one side, but can't find the date codes on the levers that are mentioned in the SIB.

Also the date range mentioned in the SIB seems to new for this vehicle.

Anyway, after removing the cover there are wear marks on the variable valve eccentric shaft either side of the lobes which are being caused by the intermediate levers. This is the same for every lobe.

I have taken some photo's so you can see....

Has anyone seen this before, we are sure the wear is not right but are not sure if this is causing the problem. We are not getting much help from BMW dealers.


This is a photo of shaft rotated one way, no sign of wear.

This is a photo of shaft rotated other way, obvious wear either side of lobe.