View Full Version : Anyone in North Texas want to help me create X5 DIY for Bluetooth?

11-01-2003, 02:28 PM
I need anyone in North Texas who is considering the Bluetooth installation for their X5 series BMW. I want to build a full detail DIY document to help others in the future.

You can view my current 3-series DIY at: http://www.golilm.com/DIY/Bluetooth

I've had thousands of hits to the site, and have been able to list gotchas and errors with BMW's documentation that have saved others a good deal of time. I'd like to do the same for X5 owners.

If anyone's interested please contact me at adam@golilm.com

I'll be happy to perform the full installation at no charge at your place or mine and take high resolution photos along the way. I also have a friend at a BMW dealer here who will do the Bluetooth ULF activation for us when we're done.

Take care,
Adam Hicks
D/FW Texas