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: Reference - Battery replacement, what not to do

05-09-2010, 06:20 PM
I have a 760Li. I had a drive up north about six months ago and it was cold. The car would not start one day, but then after it warmed up, it started up just fine. I drove back to Texas and thought all was good.

I then started to get all kinds of weird errors on my dash. No brakes and no tires working, low oil when the it was full etc. The dealer wanted to charge me 2800 to replace all kinds of things. Went to another dealer for a separate opinion. There it was 500 for the battery. They were more sure of that than the codes they could not find for the mystery problems.

I decided to put the battery in myself, done it on all the other BMW's. 740 and 540 et. al.

Well then the weird stuff begins. Suffice to say that it is not as easy as replacing the battery. Take the car to the dealer after you replace the battery and have them reset the damn thing. Save yourself a ton of effort and time figuring out why the car acts weird. It needs to be reset from them on the DIS and that is that.

I love this car, but all of the BMW's are hyper sensitive to voltage and a battery in these new cars being weak causes all kinds of problems.