: Aftermarket for '04 325XI

11-10-2003, 05:44 PM

I took my new '04 325XI into a local car audio store because it was recommended by the BMW dealer (the owner had purchased cars there before and always done a great job on them). I have the stock non-HK stereo.

I spoke to the owner of the car audio store about his recommendations for upgrades within a reasonable budget. The stock amp I have to say is quite powerful and I believe will suit me fine (plus I really don't want to fool around with the head unit). So the guy at the car audio store recommends that I replace the front speakers since that is where I sit and what would influence the sound that I hear the most. He also recommended the addition of a crossover element.

Per the recommendation of someone here, I asked about a/d/s components. He said they are great, but when he told me the price, I asked about alternatives. He mentioned a smaller company that he has been doing a lot of business with called AVI (http://www.avisound.com/).

He said this job could be done for about $400.

1. Does what he is recommending make sense in terms of replacement of the front speakers?
2. Has anyone heard of AVI and what do you think?


11-16-2003, 05:40 PM

here's my 2 cents from performing basic aftermarket stereo upgardes since 1996.
1. leave all the stock speakers in place except. these are needed for the mids and high freqs. i have the oem non-hk audio setup.
2. leave the oem headunit and amp.
3. buy the jl audio 8" stealthbox for bass. 2 8"s may not hit as low as a single 10" but it's louder than a single 10" sub.
4. buy a sub mono channel amp which should cost no more than $200 . i paid $195 for my mtx one. my amp produces about 65-70 rms watts to each sub. i wired the amp in series.

i could go into greater detail if you want...
my car's lows, mids, and highs (even w/ the factory speakers) sound GREAT! ...and I only spent $500 for the stealthbox and amp. installation cost me $250 because i didn't fill like doing it myself this time. oh yeah, u'll need a low linelevel converter. i recommend the high quality stinger one which sells for $33 on www.sounddomain.com.

ps: where u wire/get the amp's input signal and amp tweaking is key. i have more than enough bass now !!!