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heated seats problem / overheating / burned seats

05-20-2010, 02:51 AM

I', looking all same such cases and people faced with it. Please let me know who of you have met this problem in his car: Regardless of the heating stage included the driver's seat after 2-3 minutes I have to turn off the heating, because it burns my armchair in the left buttock. Even iDrivie settings not changed the situation.

I know that there was a service action for that issue, but after checking the VIN, unfortunately my car is not qualified for this action. BTW anyone maybe know the VIN range?

Unfortunately, a few days ago I had a very unpleasant situation when let drive my car to my girlfriend, and I forgot about this problem (I just did not use the heating for a long time) and did not mention her. She suddenly felt heat on seat, and to avoid burns she rose slightly in her seat and unfortunately push acceleration pedal... than we moved the left lane ... Fortunately nothing went by from the opposite direction.

this time it had a tremendous impact on my safety. I contact BMW local headquaters, but they rejected my case as few times before. In my opinion, the car was not damaged before in any way, well frequently mentioned, the fault was recognised by BMW as a problem, so that BMW should be addressed.

but before I run some procedures, I would like to know what is the scale of this phenomenon ...

thank you in advance for any information.

05-20-2010, 09:35 AM
Do a search, there are many cases of people that have had their front seats burned from the defective heating seats.

05-20-2010, 12:30 PM
sorry for repost and thank you for your tip, but I'm looking people who may confirm it by person and than hit BMW with the problem. It's not fair to avoid the issue especially when it becomes not a comfort issue but your life safety.

so if not a problem please just sign this post if you had / have the problem and add short describtion how it was solved (if i was solved)

will be also nice to get your VIN number and car model at PM.

thanks in advance.