: dme reprogramed?? plus fuel filter??

05-23-2010, 12:58 PM
Hey guys, my car 2005 530i bought in 2008 as an cpo was just in service for two weeks getting the computer sent out to New Jersey for a upgrade, why would it have to be sent to NJ? this car has had poor acceleration for over two years I have been complaing about this issue.(took the car back the day after I bought it)

So the fix was computer to NJ plus a new fuel filter, why do I have to pay for the fuel filter when the car is cpo plus I paid for the extended maintenance?
The price for the parts plus labour is $750.00

Thank you.

05-25-2010, 11:07 PM
CPO doesn't cover:

Upkeep Items
Maintenance; engine, transmission, and body adjustments; wheel alignment, balancing or rotation; wiper blade inserts; engine drive belts; spark plugs; filters; fuses; all batteries; all hoses and clamps (except air conditioning and power steering); oils, lubricants, fluids, refrigerants and coolants (except as required in the course of a covered repair); brake pads and rotors; brake shoes and drums; manual transmission clutch assemblies; suspension dampers (shock absorbers/strut elements); exhaust systems; tires.

Wear and Tear
All wear and tear items as defined in The Certified Pre-Owned BMW Protection Plan Consumer Information Statement (including all suspension parts and components).

Body and Interior
Paint; glass; headlamps; bulbs (except instrumentation); mirrors; lenses; body and chassis; body seals and gaskets; interior and exterior trim, moldings, and fasteners; upholstery, headliner, carpeting, floor and trunk mats; convertible top (all components except electronics); air or water leaks; wind or body noises; wheels; damage due to rust, corrosion, or contamination, except as covered by the BMW New Vehicle Rust and Corrosion Perforation Warranty.

Radio/cassette player, telephone, navigation system, CD changer, or any components of those systems; non-original equipment parts, components or accessories.

If you paid for extended maintenance that should cover it. Because your car is a 2005 + 4 years or 50k for basic new vehicle and maintenance = 2009 + 2 years or 100k for extended maintenance. Talk to you service writer he should give you an explanation.

Concerning your DME going to NJ. All the big dogs and engineers are there in NJ. Whenever something took 2 weeks its usually a case of we didn't have the part and it had to be sent from Germany. Things always get sent back to BMW for research on what went wrong. So they can correct the problem and sent out bulletins to Techs etc..

05-25-2010, 11:47 PM
Dealer does not seem to willing to fight for me to get reimbursed, I have been on the phone to BMW waiting for an answer from them. It cost a little under $750.00 parts & labour I think this is a little expensive for me to eat, whats the point of buying the extended maintenance if does not pick up what the CPO does not cover.
As for the car its seems to be running great, a big thanks to the big dogs in NJ.