View Full Version : M5 MTech Bumper installation Questions

05-25-2010, 07:19 PM
I am installing the M5 MTech replica bumper kit on my 2005 545i that I purchased from Umnitza and I have a few questions to assist me in completing this project. I have searched through the forums and read the BMW Installation instructions, but I still have a few questions yet to be answered. Thank you.

:question: 1. For the rear bumper, do I need to replace the bumper mount brackets?
:question: 2. Do I need to replace the battery back cover?
:question: 3. Would the rear PDC sensor housing work, or do I have to use the ones provided.
:question: 4. For the front, I need to replace the brake air ducts?
:question: 5. Do I also need to replace the fender liner?
:question: 6. Is there anything else I need to replace?