: ..... for Jon?

05-26-2010, 10:37 AM
This is in another thread, but I think it's worthy of its own.

There doesn't seem to be any question that Jon & company invest more of their time and energy to make BF happen every year. And yet every year there are multiple Monday morning QB's giving their opinions as to what would make it so much better than what Jon & Co did. :mad:
So, I say to all those who feel they have a better plan or suggestion: put up or shut up. Don't just offer a one sentence suggestion as to what, where, or even when BF would be "Better," instead invest some of your own time first. If you have a better venue in mind then do a little leg work and get info about size, cost, traffic, accessibility, services, etc and then send Jon a workable plan for his consideration.
BF isn't what it used to be, but either is LA or California; that's just what happens with growth. Someday BF might become bigger than Jon & Co and Incorporate as its own entity or perhaps acquired by a large corporation, you just never know.
Maybe someone will volunteer to spend a ton of their time to help Jon work out a plan to divide BF in two: maybe one for BMW's 15 years and older and one newer and modded.
Whatever the case, spend a little of your time in the trench's doing some actual BF leg work and you might understand how much passion Jon has for BF and that it's not all about money (although I'm sure he wouldn't mind getting enough to compensate for 11 years of his time & energy he's sacrificed from family, friends, and his life in general.)

Jon Shafer
05-29-2010, 12:32 PM
Thanks so much for your unwavering support..

You know, we (my partners Mark (Jurista) and Tim (Jones) and I) read each and every follow-up post in all of the feedback threads and then have several discussions about the major changes proposed. We shall do the same this year once we get recharged from last weekend... Our goal is to deliver the ultimate Bimmerfest experience. We always have to weigh the impact of changes on the whole of the event, and implement them mindfully...

Thanks again for showing your appreciation! 8^)

05-29-2010, 12:45 PM
We shall do the same this year once we get recharged from last weekend...

No kidding. I think we're all having a Bimmerfest hangover. I am at home today on a Saturday -- relaxing.