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: 525I ownerrrr!!! couple of questionssss!

05-29-2010, 09:28 AM
my car starts dripping towards the right side from the shield i looked underneath its dripping from the shield itself where the screw is but its only on the right side and its clear liquid and doesnt smell much like any oil, could it be just water from washing or rain?

also as soon as i turn the car on and its still at one spot theres alot of ratteling weird noise and the ac is on and it sounds reallllly loud for some reason so i have to turn it off even tho i had the ac belt changed, what could that be?

also how do i change my fog lights?

thanks a lot in advance, plz reply!

05-30-2010, 05:54 AM
Without looking at I'd say your water pump is failing. The liquid should be almost clear with a blueish/grayish tint to it. Doesn't really smell like your good old green coolant. Should also feel kind of luby if you rub your fingers togethers.

Your out of warranty so yourself or a friend with a little car knowledge shouldn't have to much of an issue swapping out a water pump. Very important you use BMW coolant. Otherwise any indy shop can do this work much much much cheaper then the dealership. Once again they need to use the BMW coolant.

I'd recommend getting this looked at ASAP as because if the waterpump is making noise and leaking your very close to it failing.