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: DIY - Faded pillars?

06-22-2010, 12:01 PM
Ok, so my pillars and mirror housings were faded and scratched on my '02 745I and I wasn't about to spend $75+ on stupid carbon fiber stickers, when i just wanted a new clean look. So, this is what I did:
Prepped the area by taping all around what I was about to paint,
The mirror covers just pop off with a slight pull,
Used acetone on a clean rag to remove any grease or wax from the surface,
Sprayed sweeping vertical strokes of Krylon Black Gloss - Plastic Bonding paint,
Dried the newly painted area immediately with a hair dryer on cool to prevent bubbling or drips.
And Voila. All done, and they look brand new. If you don't like the gloss, you can use Black Satin, it will give a creamier look but not as shiny.
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10-25-2010, 05:13 PM
Thanks for the great info. if i may add one thing, i have had similar problem in the past with my 02 745i and while searching for the ideas i've came across to a product called "black again" - no offense :eeps: - and what it does is that it rejuvenates the neglected black surfaces on the exterior of the car. I would highly recommend everyone to use this $4.99 product before getting yourselves into a bigger will absolutely see an immediate difference by the first coat but it will reach to a perfection by the 3rd or the 4th application.