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: Any Fiberglass on this site???

11-24-2003, 11:20 PM
Hey guys, New to the forums.....and I was wondering if anybody here has a fiberglass sytem done in there car......I drive an e46 sedan and currently have just 1 MB Quart sub and a pheonix Gold amp. THe sub is fiberglassed into the passenger side space behind the back wheel (I'd post pics but the only ones I have now are MPEG).
Right after Christmas I'll be tossing this box and making my self a new set-up.....hopefully atleased two subs. I know I'll be fiberglassing it into the trunk but am torn on where to put it. Options are:

1) Spare tire well.
2) right against the back seat....wraping aroun to the sides of the trunk.

What do you guys think?...and anybody have a sytems liek this in their car? Can you post some pics? I'd like to figure this out in the next couple weeks so I can plan and design already.

The guys at STREETEFECTS gave me some insperation when I saw this....although mine would just be a smaller version of the same idea.....This is their JVC showcar..... :thumbup:

I also thought about something like this next pic(sunk into the tire well)..

Let me know what you guys think.....

And just to let you know I will be doing all of this myself.....and cost is an issue so......