: Another new guy

07-10-2010, 11:29 AM
Hi guys. This is my first post. I've had my 2002 7ser for almost a year and no problems yet. Drives like a dream. In fact, I was sold on the vehicle because there was absolutely no body roll in a turn - pretty impressive for a heavy car.

The BMW dealership had just put in a complete new engine when I bought it @ 81,000 km. So I hope that I have a while before any weephole/alternator/water pump issues, LOL.

Anyway, I thought I'd check in and say g'day. On Monday, my wife and I are taking the bimmer on a road trip over to the Rockies, then down as far as the Grand Canyon. The round trip should be about 8,000km (5K miles). We've never been in that neck of the woods before. Should be a blast - and a good test of the car!

07-10-2010, 12:17 PM
Welcome to the forums ........post some photo's of ur car if u can too .....:thumbup:

07-10-2010, 02:20 PM
Welcome aboard! As a Canadian the only rule you have to remember is NOT to remind us yanks of the Olympic hockey finals! We are still struggling with that one......

Sounds like a great trip you are going on. Post some pics when you can.

07-10-2010, 05:36 PM
Thanks for the welcome, TechFreak, BobSC. I've admired your rides for some time now. I'll post some photos of my car soon (pretty stock compared to yours).

BTW, I really like the forum. I've learned more from you guys than I ever could have from the dealer. Half the fun of owning this car is discovering new things about it.

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welcome, and that's a hell of a road trip you got there! lucky for you a new engine can take that easily. Have fun!

07-13-2010, 03:12 PM
congrats and welcome aboard

07-13-2010, 04:41 PM
welcome to the forum i have faith in BMW --you take of it, it will take care of you< enjoy your road trip.

07-14-2010, 07:19 AM