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: Ear piercing screech from speakers

07-21-2010, 03:52 PM
I was at the gym, came out and started my car and the worst ear piercing noise blasted out of all speakers and nothing works. No sound nothing. Even when the radio is off I still lightly hear it. When you turn it out it is horribly loud. I have no idea what it could be please help.

07-21-2010, 08:40 PM
Is the I-drive frozen? If so at what screen? Does any audio aspect of the car work? I'm guessing it might be the SOS module freezing, mine did the same once after I got it activated.

07-21-2010, 09:12 PM
Everything on the iDrive worked fine. It was horrible my ears are still ringing but it is not doing it now. Its enough to make you drive the car off the road lol. I know BMW's very well and with that said I am sure it will come back.