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: 2004 Cabrio Sub Enclosure done.

12-03-2003, 06:02 PM
I wasnt going to do this to my car, but I couldnt take it anymore.
Being that I do this stuff for a living it was no sweat.
The equipment I used was Old style Rockford Punch 8" woofers, for an amp I used a Kenwood KAC8151D 500 watts into 1ohm, I used high level input from the factory wires which were very accessible in the trunk under the left tray.
I may go with JL 8W7's if I dont like the sound but I would need a much bigger amp and since I mounted under the spare tire cover there isnt much room.
Who knows we'll see at least I got the box done and anything else I do or change will be simple.

Just thought I would share my experience in case anyone had any questions.

09-10-2007, 04:19 AM
YOu have made an excellent installation and I am trying to also install an Amp and Sub in my own e46 cabrio. I only have a difficulty with the wirings for the audio source and remote to drive my amp. I have a business radio & CD changer in the boot. Can you please provide me with some info in regards to the wiring? I am looking for the high inputs for the audio, (rear speakers) and for the remote cable.

Any information is highly appreciated.