New member needs help w/clearing faults and misc.

07-23-2010, 07:08 AM
Hello All, I am new to the site and need some help for my 2003 745LI that has 110,000 miles.

1) How often should I change the oil?

2) MFG tells me to change the tranny fluid at 100K miles. BMW dealer want $50/liter for 6 liters needed. Really? That much $$$? They gave me the part number but want to get it somewhere cheaper. Any suggestions?

3) The car gave me a "Transmission Fault - Drive moderately - see service dept". Could it be my tranny is going out? Torgue converter? or loss of tranny fluid thru seals? BTW, the car does pull and jerk here and there, like it's slipping on gear shifting. Thoughts?

4) How do you reset the "change oil" light display once I'm done?

5) I change the spark plugs and brake linings and sensors recently but dont know how to reset the warning lights as well.

6) I changed the lamp on the front side of car with generic bulb but warning lights is still there.

Sorry folks for the tons of questions but if I let the dealer do all this work I would be broke. Somethings tells me that I should get rid of the car now before it gets worse since my warranty is expired. ha ha.


07-24-2010, 12:35 PM
I change my oil every 5k full syn mobil or castrol
Look at side of tranny for # if it is #83220142516 shell fluid # use (Castrol multi- import transmission fluid $5 a qt. it takes about 6 quarts with filter change
did the research on the fluid did change on my 06 750li and 6k and no problems. BTW
dirty old fluid can make tranny slip or low fluid level ( changed mine at 60k

07-24-2010, 01:50 PM
#1 -- Every 15,000 miles
#3 -- Have the dealership or someone pull the error on this one. Some faults can be related to a mechatronic sealing sleeve leak, some related to low fluid, and the list goes on.
#4, #5 -- Do a search on here for "service interval reset" or "service interval" and you should find what you need.
#6 -- Which bulb did you change (look at the diagrams on and post a link back up here), and what exactly was the error?

07-25-2010, 07:44 AM
Thanks for the replies. I will let you know what I find out.

07-28-2010, 11:16 AM
1. I use full synthetic 5/30 every 12/15k 2.The oil reset is the mileage counter hold until the reset comes up the go down to oil reset hold and follow instructions (the spark plug reset is in this area also). 3.go to BMW and get replacement bulb then yuo canreference that bulb for further replacements @ your local Auto parts store. 4. On the code reset you can go to Pep boys and they will reset it for free depending on the type of error. (wont reset airbag and stuff like that but emissions and things of that nature it will. Brakes are supposed to reset after the car recognizes the new sensor, but there is a car check inwhich you can hit and let the car check it itself. Good Luck

08-02-2010, 04:42 PM
Well I wanted to share my experience on my first ever 2003 745LI transmission Oil Change (no pan and filter)

Step 1) went to to buy qty (6) $17/liters versus paying $50/liter at dealer

Step 2) removed pan covering tranny plug and drained oil into exactly 4 liter container

step 3) look desperately for 1/2 hr trying to find the dip stick so I can refill fluid but much to my surprise - there isn't one. hence, "lifetime fluid" does not require oil change which is BS

step 4) looked online for tranny oil refill port hole but couldn't find it. Called dealer after 1/2hr wait and ask "...where in the hell do you put the new oil in?" He stated "'s located just above the drain hole on one of the sides of the tranny"

step 5) removed refill port hole located on the tranny side and it was factory torqued to 1 million damn F'in Lbs/sq in. has to use an extension on my rachet while lieing underneath my car that was propped up on rhino ramps onthe front end tires. jammed my knuckles on a upwarde motion as it released spontaneously.

step 6) got my dad's suction pump with 12in transparent plastic hose to suck out 1 liter at a time and pump it into the port hole

step 7) i only managed to put in 2 liters out of the 4 i took out before it spewed all over my arm and onto my Dad's driveway ( he was pissed)

step 8) brought car off ramps and put on ramp on side of port hole (passenger's side) and jacked up the back end too. car is leaning at 15 to 20 degree incline with both tires in air so I can fit more fluid. put in another liter before it spewed again. dropped a couple of "F" bombs

step 9) put plug back in and road the car around the block twice to get fluid mixed in the tranny parts and make room for more. one more liter to go!!!

step 10) put car back on its side and managed to put in 1/4 of a liter.

step 11) put plug back in and drain cover too. Done! took me 3.5 hrs to do this and saved myself $500.

WTF? How is it that I took out 4 liters and can only put in 3.25? Why did the delaer guy tell me it takes 6 liters after I told him I'm not draing the torque converter - just the tranny fluid?