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What is wrong with the BMW dealerships?

07-29-2010, 01:09 PM
I have 2 major BMW dealerships in my area...you would think at least 1 would provide quality customer service and actually figure out the problem with the cars. I took my car to both dealers and they could not find the problem with my car. They did a bunch of "tests" and could not fix the problem or even tell me what it was. They were rude and did not test what I asked them to. They act like you owe them something.

Anyways, I took it to an indy shop and they fixed everything up in 1 day no hassel. Not 1 actual BMW dealership could even tell me my alternator was bad. The indy shop had it switched out in a day and everything works well now.

Is this the quality of customer service BMW provides? Judging from the Google reviews on these dealerships, I am not the only one that thinks the service is terrible. Great cars Terrible service and techs.