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: MOST question

07-29-2010, 12:51 PM
Anyone know if the light at the MOST diagnostic connector in the glove box should be on solid or blinking/flashing? I was pretty sure my ASK unit went out on a trip to Florida from Texas last week. The diagnostic connector shows a blinking red light. Trouble is, when I pulled the ASK unit the blinking red light is now at that connection and the diagnostic connector is dark (as it should be since the ASK is removed). The blinking light at the ASK connector seems to indicate that the problem may be upstream of the ASK, but then again I don't know if the blinking is normal or not.

07-30-2010, 07:22 PM
What symptoms are you having? (poor/no sound out of some speakers, no navigation, etc.)

07-31-2010, 03:11 AM
I felt the carpet getting wet above my right foot about 4 hours into the drive. Figured A/C drain must be plugged so decided to shut off the A/C for awhile. Shortly after shutting off the A/C the front door speakers starting going in and out and the Nav screen flickered. The Nav gave a voice instruction to turn right, but it was premature. After that, no more voice instructions from the Nav, the phone would dial out and the microphone worked, but no sound from the speakers. Voice activation was also gone. All symptoms of a bad ASK unit. Still had sound from the L7 controlled speakers until I shut the car off in Florida. Spent the week there without any function on the display other than climate control and no sound from anything. Even the instrument cluster went black a couple of times and threw two U0155 codes. On the way back, I heard the speakers pop a couple of times like the sound was trying to return. Shut the A/C off again and sure enough the L7 controlled speakers worked until the car was shut off again. Pretty much everything was working except the items controlled by the ASK. Once the sound had been on for a few minutes the A/C could be turned on again without shutting anything off. Don't know if switching the A/C on/off is just a coincidence or not. Now that the car is back in Dallas nothing works again. Thought I could trouble shoot it myself, but starting to think I need to take it to the dealer and let them hook it up to diagnose the fault. Pretty convinced it's the ASK, but would hate to pay for another one and find out the problem really lies elsewhere or that something electrical is going on and the new ASK gets fried like the old one. I also noticed a layer of light surface rust on the metal parts inside the dash after taking the ASK unit out. Suspect condensation from the A/C is getting trapped in that area. If so, it could have shorted the ASK.