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: DIY - Voice Command Retrofit

08-07-2010, 04:02 AM
I just retro-fitted Voice Command into my '02 ACS7 as it was the only module that wasn't fitted.

Before you start you'll need to already have the Telephone fitted and the Voice Command button on the Steering wheel....

Super easy to do .....all you need is :

1 off Voice Command Module
1 off Retro-fit Cable Harness part no. 6112 0148 343 ............(which is just two fibre optics, one power & one ground cable connected to one connector that goes to the voice command module)

You just connect the two Fibre optics inline with the Nav Module then just connect the Ground cable (Brown/Black) to the car chassis ground connector & connect the Power cable (Red/Green) to the HI-Fi connector (which is right beside the ground one).....

That's it ....all coding required !!