: Anyone ever try cable/chains on BMW?

12-09-2003, 06:20 AM
Has anyone ever tried using cables (chain/traction device) on their BMW?
I know some have used them on their X5 but how about others?

I am investigating the issue right now to determine if this is a viable solution for:

1. The few times I look up my driveway and cringe at the thought of trying to make it up with snow and some ice on it.

2. When snowboarding in the mountains and I come up to backroads (to get to a rental) and they have not been plowed yet.

3. The occasional nasty ice storm when I can't simply be stranded but would be able to crawl home at a safe speed.

Really not looking to have them on for more than a few minutes- with the exception of example #3 but I hope I never encounter that situation.

I run AS tires right now and they do fine in the snow and I like having them for when the roads are clear vs. having snow tires. But every now and then I'll encounter a situation where the AS tires may not do the job.

SCC makes a product called Shur Grip Z which is available for my size tire (205/50/17) and they are S rated for clearance.