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M3 motorwerks joins bimmerfest.com!

12-12-2003, 05:14 AM
We would like to welcome our newest sponsor M3 motorwerks (http://www.m3motorwerks.com/index.php?AFID=bfestbann)!

http://www.performanceix.com/images/phpAds//m3motorwerks.gif (http://www.m3motorwerks.com/index.php?AFID=bfestbann)

Here is a press release from M3 motorwerks...

We could make some BORING announcement about why M3 motorwerks is excited to be a part of BimmerFest, how they look forward to serving the community, why they're better -- all that junk. But the truth is, we know you don't care, and M3 motorwerks knows, too.

Let's keep it simple. With M3 motorwerks, you get:

The highest quality products
BEST customer service, bar none
Killer prices (and they'll probably meet or beat any product priced lower by a competitor!)
An easy and convenient online shopping experience
One heck of an online catalog of parts (with plenty more not listed on the site!) from the best tuners like: Rogue Engineering, UUC motorwerks, Active Autowerke, H&R, Koni, Daylight Demon Eyes, etc.
A company that's run by enthusiasts who want to talk to you and help you pick just the right parts for your car.


UUC motorwerks
Rogue Engineering
Active Autowerke
Daylight Demon Eye products
Eurosport Intakes
Bonneville Motorwerks Software
GruppeM Intakes & Exhausts
Eisenmann Exhaust Systems
Stromung Exhausts Systems
And more!