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: Z3 2.8 truble

12-16-2003, 03:37 PM
:) Hi all I am a newbe to your site, I like what I see
I have a Z3 2.8 with an intermitan engine trouble lite prob,
As I down shift to 4th and then firewall it, rpm's 3500 to 4000
:cry: The engine boggs down, spits, coughs, then it takes off.
It's like I'v hit the red line an then the engine cut out then comes back to life,
Took it to a good shop, and they can't find it, they found no Engine codes
Its now a week later getting worse. It now actting up at red lights, even when I
don't put my foot in it,
I am thinking it might be a speed censor, or vannos problem

Is this something I can do
Thanks Mike T