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: Exhaust tips on 550ix Sport and Steering wheel

10-11-2010, 06:23 PM
My car is at the dealer and I've had a chance to see it. One thing I noticed and didn't know anything about, is that the rectangular exhaust tips are not chrome on my car. They are black. Looks great with the car, which is black. I had some concern about the chrome tips because I thought they looked like a copy of the Acura and Lexus. Wasn't getting it for me. Thought I might have to change them out so I didn't look like some Lexus from the rear. No problem now. Are these black tips on all 550i Sports, or only on black cars?

Before I end this, has anyone seen the "sport steering wheel"? Wow! Very fat and small. No comparison to my current 550i Sport. Without question, smaller diameter and fatter. Looks like my old "Nardi" wheel I had on my Porsche long ago. If you haven't ordered and can add this wheel, do not hesitate.