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: Wow - 1st major AT downshift

10-13-2010, 09:08 AM
OK, this might sound dumb.... Anyway, I've had my 535i (AT) for a few weeks, about 900 miles. I've driven it kind of gently through the break-in period but I have done partial throttle downshifts of course during normal driving, and taken it up to 4500 rpms several times. I'm coming from an '08 335i 6MT and an '05 330i 6MT previously. Today as I merge onto my last highway exit on my way into work, I decided to hit it a little harder through the last part of the turn. I knew the new 8-spd trans has multiple clutches and I've read how this allows it to drop multiple gears in one shot. Well, I'm not sure whether it dropped 2 gears or 3, but the downshift was instantaneous and quite effective. I had to back off the throttle immediately as I was approaching 5K rpm. Can't wait to hit the 1200 mile mark so I can let the reins loose!

10-13-2010, 02:20 PM
Yeah, it feels way faster than the old 6-speed. I have a 535xi E60 loaner now and when I put the pedal to metal at 60mph there is absolutely no response at all for about a second in D or DS. I can't recall my E60 535i beeing that slow but it's definately was slower than the F10s 8-speed.