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: Nasty buzzing sound from speakers?

10-19-2010, 01:57 PM
ok, i was into my second day driving my brand new 535 in Italy and stayed the night in Sirmione, Italy, woke up the next day only to hear this strange sound as i walked to the car. opened the doors and it was as if the AM radio was buzzing with no reception to a station kind of sound. Turned the car on and turned to FM...but nothing. Still the same horrible buzzing sound. THis went on for quite a few hours...trying to drive. THen, out of nowhere, it stopped. ANYONE else have this issue? i have no idea what it was but sounded as if it was something electrical. HELP!

10-20-2010, 09:40 PM

You know, this happened to me one day too. My car wasn't on all day, but I came out of the hospital, into the parking garage, jumped in the car and hit the start button, and the radio came on buzzing before the car actually started, and I got no BMW boot-up screen on the nav display. It was static on AM, FM, and satellite. I thought my iPod was screwing something up, but it wasn't plugged in. I drove home perplexed, shut the car off, let the hard drive power down (?15-20 min... I don't know if it takes that long), and restarted it. Everything came back on fine and haven't had a problem since.