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: Got my recall ltr this weekend for gas sensor

10-24-2010, 11:21 PM
Yep - checked my mailbox and got a ltr from BMW (10V-331 Fuel Level Sensor). For those who've never heard of it it's described: "issue involves sensor within the fuel tank and part of the sensor getting caught against the side of the tank. Which causes the fuel gauge in the instrument cluster to display a larger amt of fuel that is actually in the tank. If this happens, stalling will occur."

Now I haven't had this problem but I'll be calling my dealer to get scheduled for the fix. :dunno:

10-25-2010, 05:48 PM
Well, I made an appointment for today morning. On Sat afternoon, I called the parts dept to see if they had the part (knowing that a lot of people would probably trying to get this done ASAP). Guess what, they didn't and would have to back order it. So that means I would have gone to the dealer today at 8am, only to get a call later saying they didn't have it. Long story short, check to see if they have the part before going through the whole song and dance, only to find you have to come back at a later time.

10-25-2010, 11:04 PM
Called the dealer today made & apptmt for day after tomorrow. Thanks to reading here I had them confirm that they actually had the parts in-house before I made the trip in.
He had to call me back to confirm my apptmt. :tsk:

10-27-2010, 03:52 PM
Took car to dealer for recall fix on gas level sensor. Did not have part on hand therefore spent another day at dealer. Part was replaced on day 2. Now the gas gage reads that it's about 90% full even with a full tank of gas. Anyone else have the fix done and the gas gage not reading full after fill-up? If it cannot be calibrated, will have to live with it. BTW, do not fill up the tank full before taking to dealer like the recall letter says to do. Only fill tank to 3/4 full as the technician cannot work with a full tank when replacing the sensor.

10-29-2010, 10:34 AM
I tried yesterday to get my fuel level sensor replaced at the dealer. After waiting 1.5 hours and having the gas tank completely removed and losing 1/4 of the gas I had in the tank they finally notify me that they don't have the part in stock!

Make sure your dealers check to see if they have the part before you waste time and gas.

The letter says fill up the tank before going in. Don't. Service rep said it's better if tank is as close to empty as possible for the installation.