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TEST Driven f10 3.0 diesel M Sport

10-29-2010, 11:25 AM
Well after all the hype about the steering on the f10 I had to drive one extensively to satisfy myself that I had ordered a car I would enjoy driving.

In "Normal Mode" the cars steering is "lighter" not so light as to cause any concerns certainly around town and at speeds below 55MPH.
In "Sport Mode" the suspension tightens up some, and so does the steering making the drive all right for me coming straight from my M3 E90, it was good in the tight corners and did not wonder at all even in the strong cross winds I encountered today.The car held it's line well and was NOT influenced by white lines or road deformations.

In "Sport+ Mode" the gears were held longer and throttle response tightened up.

I ended up setting the car up with ; Normal Mode on start up, which it defaults to on restart,then setting the "Sport Mode" to steering and suspension ONLY, leaving gear change alone as I can instantly select manual on the paddles and hold gears for as long as I wish. This for me was the best "every day" setup.

The car drove faultlessly and I was impressed. The gearbox was very smooth and I enjoyed using it manually.
My 550i M-Sport should really perform well can't wait, with a little more weight with the V8 engine, the steering should be perfect..:thumbup: