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12-09-2010, 01:04 PM
Is there a list out there of what colors are available if you choose to
special order paint color with a new BMW?

12-10-2010, 09:31 AM
Is there a list out there of what colors are available if you choose to special order paint color with a new BMW?

I have seen such lists on internet forums. If I remember correctly a UK poster posted such a list. Perhaps at www.bimmerforums.com At least a year ago, I'd guess.

But for US customers, I'm not sure such a list is worth much. Over the years, we've seen cases in which a US customer sees a special order color and attempts to order a car, only to be rebuffed by the dealer or BMWNA. And a year later, another customer succeeds in special ordering that color. At least from this vantage point, the process seems rather arbitrary. It's also likely that some dealerships/salespeople know how to work the system, and others do not.

One principle I've heard can help your case is to choose a color that, while it may not be listed for sale in the USA on the model you want, is either (1) available on that model in another market, such as Germany, or (2) used on another model that is produced in the same factory. Some research at non-US "build your own" web sites might be profitable.

I imagine that you already know the price, but for the benefit of others reading this thread, the current price in the USA is $5000 for special order paint. In 2005 when I ordered my M3 with special order paint it was $2000. Quite an increase!

12-14-2010, 02:11 AM
Here are links to BMW individual and the 2010 3 series brochure.



As LMC mentioned it is possible to get one of the standard colors from a different BMW model. Try looking at bmw.co.uk or bmw.de. Some of the individual paints are there. On a UK 320d, the indivudual colors are Moonstone, Asurite Black and Ruby Black.


If you are serious about spending $3000 to $5000, try contacting one of the forum sponsor dealers. Adrian has done a few special colors, including one for himself.

In general other individual options have not been not offered in the US market. There are exceptions. 7s have it on and off and I know of one very Individual 6 series car in the US.


Took years, several trips to Munich and untold amounts of cash but he did get the car.