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: technical (audio hardware) question for ipod gurus

01-20-2004, 10:28 PM
think I'm going to go for a new 40GB ipod and rig it up with an audiocontrol overdrive and a soundgate abmw35v5.

it seems that an audio signal can be taken through the headphone jack, through the remote control plug at the top (like the ICELink or the apple remote earbuds) or the dock plug at the bottom (as is the case with the Belkin cigarette lighter adapter thingy). my question is if these inputs have the same signal path? the headphone jack obviously goes through the volume circuit, thus presumably degrading the signal some what. but what about the other two? for example, is the remote control with earbuds actually just a signal to change the volume on the main unit?

ICELink owners: when the ipod is plugged in, does the ipod volume have any affect on the system volume?