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: Three weeks with the 335i: needs a bath

12-28-2010, 03:38 PM
I've had the 335i for three weeks now. Still working out the kinks.

Wednesday I took the car to Northwest Auto Salon and got 20% tints. The picture it not good. I only had my phone and the sun was setting rapidly. I am very happy with the look. The black wheels and Blizzak's are for winter. I can't wait to get the M wheels back on.260037

Thursday we drove to Portland for the Christmas holiday. The drive back was through pretty heavy rain. My old Mustang would have been bobbing and weaving all over the freeway. The 335i was a rock. There was one time I hit some deep standing water at about 75 MPH. I felt the car briefly loose traction and move to the left. Does traction control and stability control get activated during hydroplaning? Does it know that a wheel has no traction because it's on a layer of water?

Also, I love the cruise control. I know it's not the most highly regarded feature on a forum such as this but the implementaion is terrific. With the heavy rain and occasional standing water the flow of traffic was about75-80 MPH but would often slow to 60 or less in a hurry. In every other car I've driven this would require dis-engaging the cruise control, by stepping on the brake, then re-engaging when traffic speads up again. In the 335i I simply pull the lever and the car breaks down to the speed of traffic, with the curise fully engaged. Question: when I'm doing this I assume the brake lights are activated so the cars behind me know I'm breaking, correct?

We returned Monday so today the car is covered in a layer of dirt. Here's my problem, it's 40 degrees outside. I really don't want to hand wash my car in 40 degree weather. I also don't want to take it though an auto car wash. I already see swirl marks on the trunk from the one time the dealer put it through their wash. I also don't want to pay someone $20 to hand wash it for me. What to do?