: 7,000 Mile Review 535Xi Standard

01-11-2011, 07:40 PM
This review will be shorter than the last one. Frankly, not too much to report, which I consider a good thing. The dot is functioning as usual -- without drama or fanfare.

At 7,000 miles, there have still been no problems that amount to anything other than a fuel filer door that wants to be held in the fully closed position before locking the car. It needs adjustment or replacement of some kind and will be brought in soon. Otherwise, the car has only been to the dealer for a break-in oil change at 2,500 miles and a set of BMW winter floor mats.

I'm still learning more about the car -- and I'd rather not hear whether it's more of a reflection on me or the car:eek: I'm enjoying driving the car more as the miles pile up, which may be due to the total break-in process that I believe on many cars takes up to 15-20,000 miles.

Average mpg: 23.7 with average speed 37.4 mph. My mpg, as computed by the car, is always a little less than 1 mpg off (high) the distance/gallons calculation I do after each fillup. I'm still using the highest octane Shell I can find, ranging from 91 to 93. When it warms up, I'll start alternating between the 10% ethanol I'm using when it's freezing and the Shell non-oxygenated 91 octane fuel I found nearby. I find myself using the DS and Manual mode more often recently, and have been doing more city driving recently. I might reset the mpg on the onboard computer soon to get a more current average for the kind of driving I'm doing.

Oil still shows as full, with next oil change in 10,000 miles. I'll change it in 3,000 miles, consistent with the 2,500 break-in oil change and 7,500 thereafter.

I'm intriguged that BMW is one of only a few automakers that makes oil temperature more prominent than coolant temperture. I also have a theory that the best way to make most cars last is to let the car -- and the engine and transmission fluids in particular -- be somewhere near full operating temperature before being driven really hard. I think this is most critical in the break-in period. My experience with Porsches leads me to that theory, because everyone around me was rebuilding or replacing engines left and right, and I never had to.

I'm not seeing anything usual with tire wear on non-RFT snows. I'm anxious to get the Goodyear RFTs back on in the spring to see how they compare to what other owners have said. I'm also really ready to drive the car on surfaces other than ice (code: drive fast).

I'm still crazy about the car, the way it drives and the way it looks. There have been no electronic glitches of any sort, nor have I experienced anything grinding, pulling or numb. In fact, nothing but the fuel filler door. I have great empathy for those people who have had problems, and can appreciate their anger and frustration. None of that has been my experience to date.

01-11-2011, 07:52 PM
Great to hear your good feelings about the car. Keep your reports coming!

01-11-2011, 07:52 PM
Thanks for the great review.

I only have 4800 miles on the odo but, like you, I am still learning about the car, and that is part of the fun I'm having with it. Also like you, I have not pushed the car too hard, or driven that fast for any significant length of time, as I plan to keep the car, so I want to make sure that it is fully broken in before I explore the car's limits (and my own).

Keep the comments coming, and keep enjoying your car!

01-11-2011, 08:07 PM
Nice review! I just hit 2k and am "lovin' every minute of it" in my 5er. Xdrive has been brilliant so far this Winter and I'm discovering more everytime I go for a drive. Thx