: Just got XM box for 2004 x5 with navigation, help?

01-29-2004, 04:17 PM
I ordered the XM unit from radiosandmore.com They told me that if you have a new car produced after 10/03 it should work. Radiosandmore talked to Blitzsafe and confirmed this, so I bought it.

I just got my car 1 week ago and looked at the system settings and it shows Radio Version 49. Ithought the news ones say 50? How do I get 50?

I tried hooking up the XM reciever with the 2 plugs, rca jacks and antenna. I pressed the mode button and nothing works. When I put in the power button on the XM reciever, I heard the navigation turn on? (why) I got the blitzsafe adapter with the cd changer output as well. I told him I don't have a changer yet, but he insisted it still should work without a changer.

Can somebody give me any avice or help. Am I doing something wrong? Do I really need a cd changer.

Everybodys help is much appreicated.

Thanks - Dan