: eBay Tow Hook License Plate Bracket

01-26-2011, 02:43 PM
I have to start off this review by confessing to “lurking” around these forums for the last couple years. In the past I simply browsed the forum without posting, but a recent purchase warranted making an account.

I have to drive my mother to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN on a regular basis. This ends up being about 4 hours of highway driving for me. Twice before I have been stopped for lack of a front plate by the Minnesota State Patrol. In both instances I have had to go through the hassle of a fix-it-ticket. This ends up being large headache for me. This led me to look for a way to put a license plate on my car for these trips, without drilling into my bumper.

I came across a post in the for sale forum for ebay user “rsuiter5” and his “BMW Tow Hook License Plate Bracket”. It looked like a really elegant solution to my problem, and was listed at a very reasonable $40 + Free Shipping. I pulled the trigger and ordered one, and two days later a USPS Flat Rate Box arrived.

The box contained the bracket, hardware, instructions, and a disclaimer.


Kit Components:


After looking at the instructions I got out the required tools, which as you can see are quite simple:


Next, I got the tow hook out my trunk, and went about assembling the kit. The first step requires you to attach your license plate frame to the license plate. All of the required hardware is included in the kit.


License Plate + Frame:


Next, I attached the bracket to the license plate:


Then, I attached the bracket clamp to the tow hook:


Finally, the two subassemblies are brought together:
*Note the included black spacers which aren’t required if you have a deep well socket*


Angled view:


Top view:


Front view:


The kit went together smoothly as per the instructions (Which I must say are very professional looking and informative for such a low price point). I am now keeping it fully assembled in the little cubby on the side of my trunk, when it’s not on the car. I threw in a wrench to stick through the tow hook to allow me to fully tighten or loosen the kit at any time. It takes almost no time at all to put it on or take it off my car. This was the major draw for me as I plan on only putting it on for trips, and the more expensive kits seem more complicated to install. In addition to being quick to attach, it is very secure once tightened. This kit is very robust, and I’m sure it will endure the test of time. I am very pleased with the kit, and recommend it to anyone who wants some added peace of mind when traveling

01-26-2011, 03:36 PM
Pictures would be nice. I would put them where you left room in the descriptions you wrote, but that's me. :D
I purchased this one that doesn't utilize the actual tow hook.



01-28-2011, 10:45 PM
This is the option me and my wife went with:


It is way cleaner and looks better IMO. It is also affordable :)