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: Mother fricken fracken funk

01-28-2011, 03:12 PM
I was filling up the tank today, looked down and saw this. NmPF6aSV_peWGJf8jy-Xh1FEBNj2TN9I731BwMveABdUqYZPk/8c.jpg?psid=2

I would blame my wife, she drives the car occasionally. But, I washed it Saturday and it wasnt' there on Saturday. Nobody's driven it since then but me. I'm racking my brain to try to figure out where and when it happened. I don't remember hitting a curb. I don't remember even being near a curb. Yet, there it is.:mad:

Should I just put some black paint on it or take it in and have it fixed? I'm thinking having it fixed might cost nearly as much as a new wheel. These are my winter wheels, paid about $120 each. It is possible to fix it myself?