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: Earthquake Subs and spacers

01-30-2011, 04:21 PM
Pair of Earthquake Subs and spacers still in box, never used. speakers were 130 each from bavarian works and I paid 40 for the spacers.

retail 300 for the package

Priced to Sell!
The entire package to you $200 plus shipping, shipped UPS g

paypal ok


Earthquake Shallow Subwoofer - 4-ohm

Rock your 3 series 06 on - replace your under-seat speakers with this shallow subwoofer. This patented, 8" subwoofers from Earthquake Sound is designed specifically for BMWs and is original equipment on many models outside North America. As a result, it is a direct replacement for the 8" factory speakers under the front seats. A traditional 8" subwoofer requires about 4" of mounting depth, but these Earthquake subs were engineered to reduce the mounting depth required - just 2-1/8" - without reducing the depth or quality of the sound. In fact, the long throw excursion (amount of travel of the ) is more than 1.5"! The result is tight, crisp and deep bass from a very shallow space (less than 0.2 cu. ft.). There are two version of the subwoofer: the version sold here is the SWS-8X -- a 4-ohm version for standard sound systems. If your car had the upgraded factory sound system, you'll want the SWS-8Xi -- a 2-ohm version. Both are rated at 300 watts max and feature a high-efficiency, 1.5" voice coil made of aluminum to help to dissipate heat build-up. (I.e. sound integrity is maintained during prolonged use.) Installation is simple, just unbolt the seat and tilt it back (no need to remove any electrical connectors or airbag hardware) to access the factory speaker. The Earthquake sub mounts directly in place of the BMW sub. We include wiring and connectors that allow you to plug the Earthquake sub directly into the BMW factory harness plug. Shouldn't take more than 30 minutes per side.