: BMW Documentary Film "The New City" - How City Living and cars of the future mesh

02-01-2011, 01:52 PM
Premiering online today is “The New City”, which is Chapter One of a new BMW Documentary Film Series, “Wherever You Want to Go”. “The New City” makes a bold attempt to understand the ways in which we will live in the future and how it will significantly impact the way we move.

Currently 50 percent of the world lives in cities and by 2030 nearly 5 billion people will live in sprawling “Megacities” (cities with more than 10 million people). As a result, personal space and modes of transportation will be among the biggest issues impacting our future quality of life. Will the automobile—as we currently know it—be compatible with these Megacities of the future? BMW will address these questions and more in Chapter One.

“The New City” can be viewed online now at http://www.BMWactivatethefuture.com and it features: Astronaut Buzz Aldrin; Futurist and conceptual designer for Blade Runner, Aliens and Tron, Syd Mead; Google VP Marissa Mayer; ZipCar founder Robin Chase; Treehugger.com founder Graham Hill; Ridelust.com editor-in-chief Mike Musto; Reinventing the Automobile co-author Lawrence Burns; and Director of Environmental Affairs, Richard Mattila.

Additional chapters will appear each Tuesday throughout the month of February. To allow viewers to better engage with the films and to add to the ongoing dialogue, BMW designed an innovative new video player specifically for the films. Viewers can access additional content around a theme, quote, or speaker in real time, while giving them the option to pause the main viewer. Additionally, they can also post their own thoughts or comments directly to specific moments of the film for others to see and react.

About BMW Documentary Films “Wherever You Want to Go”
BMW Documentary Films “Wherever You Want to Go” is a collection of four films, broken into chapters, which focuses on the future of mobility, cities and technology. The series is inspired by the launch of the BMW ActiveE, an electric vehicle. Each film features interviews with a diverse range of thought leaders to create a holistic look into the opportunities and challenges of our future world.

Developed in collaboration with kirshenbaum bond senecal + partners, the films precipitate a unique collective engineering project, dubbed “Activate The Future” designed to build a community of people who are passionate about working together to create the future, rather than waiting for it to happen to them. Participants are encouraged to discuss, share and actively participate through use of proprietary technology.

About ActiveE
The BMW ActiveE will be an electric vehicle based on a BMW 1 Series Coupe that will use electric motor and battery cell technology developed in-house. It will represent the second phase of a three-phase electric vehicle development plan that will lead to a dedicated electric vehicle that will launch in 2013. The BMW ActiveE will be available for lease beginning this summer.