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: CD43 and System

02-01-2004, 10:30 AM
Hello all - I am a new member here and had some questions.

I have had systems in the past in several different cars, and so know a little about what I want in my (new to me) 1997 M3.

Specifically, I will be using my CD43 HU as the main source for my system. I know there are other HU's out there that may be better, but none that integrate as well with what the vehicle interior is "supposed" to look like.

My question is, what type of output does the CD43 have? Is it just line level (speaker level) outputs? If yes, then do I need to use some type of adapeter like AudioControl to conver these to RCA's to feed my four channel amp?

My System will consist of:
1) CD43 Head Unit
2) 20 GB iPod connected through an IceLink
3) 6.5 inch and Tweeter components mounted in the kick panels
4) 2 - 10" Free Air Subwoofers mounted in the rear deck
5) A four channel amp - 2 to feed the Highs and Midbass in the kick panels and 2 bridged to feed the subs.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have a great installer who has done everything for me from building an IASCA Winning System in a 90 Bronco, to installing simple head unit upgrades. So I trust him - I just haven't asked him this question yet, because I know he will suggest an alternate Head Unit, and I want to keep the stock one as this is a relatively simple system.

My goals are - no reduction in trunk space, a very musical system, with NO REAR FILL - I hate the sound of vocals and highs coming from behind me (my own hangup). Good integration of the HU with the stock dash (achieved with stock HU). Good staging with the Mids and Tweeters as far away from the listening position as possible.

Anything I have missed? Or any suggestions anyone might have? Am I giving up too much musicality with the CD43 Head Unit??



02-01-2004, 10:36 AM
Do you have the '97 M3? And does it currently have the stock C33 unit installed?

I believe the CD43 has identical outputs to the C33, just better sound quality and the convenience (and "modern" look) of an in-dash CD.

AFAIK, it has no RCA outs, just speaker level output. You do need a converter like a Ven4 to accomplish the conversion to RCA outs.

02-01-2004, 10:54 AM
I had a CD33, but bought a CD43 and installed it - simple. I wanted an in dash CD, since I was going to use an IceLink and lose my changer in the trunk.

So what is the best Speaker level to RCA converter on the market?