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: BMW Megacity Vehicle so Expensive You Can't Buy It!

02-07-2011, 01:26 PM
Itís not a secret anymore that Bmw is working hard on its first full-electric vehicle dubbed Megacity Vehicle and also it is not a secret that the new car will be quite expensive. In order to solve this problem, it appears that the Bavarian manufacturer may lease the so-called MCV on a short-term basis. According to sales chief Ian Robertson said, Bmw is currently looking for an alternative to the traditional purchase or leasing of a vehicle and it appear that the 'Car to Go' concept "is an interesting approach".

Daimler uses to 'Car2Go' scheme in Ulm, Germany but also in Austin, Texas and leases out Smart cars on a short-term basis. "More and more people in large cities are looking for an alternative to the ownership of a vehicle," Robertson said. Due to the high costs of development and production, Bmw would find it hard to recoup the money.

Falling residual values may also prove a problem to sales. Regarding other electric models, Bmw will test a short-term leasing concept later this year and will built a limited number of ActiveE models based on the 1-Series Coupe.

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