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: 135 v 335 v e46 M3?

02-14-2011, 05:47 PM
OK, so after 12 long ass years of school (4 undergrad, 4 med school, 4 residency) I'm finally starting a real job this July.

My wife and I are too underwater on our townhouse to move any closer to my new job so I'm looking at a 86mile/1hr 15 min commute ~15-20 days a month come July.

I got the green light to go Bimmer from the wife come June/July and need to start my research now cause, well I'm obsessed.

I've owned a 2003 330i sport package (totaled in accident-asshole hit us) and a follow-up 2003 330i ZHP.

I CPO'd the ZHP at 23k miles and hit 100k miles in 2 years and dumped the car cause I was a poor, dumb, resident that couldn't afford to fix anything that broke. I was passionately in love with the ZHP handling/tuning and doubt I would do a non-M car without it again.

So I downgraded significantly (tears involved), to my current Mazdaspeed3 (should've been called Torque-steer3)

I'm not totally sure what my budget is going to be yet but I am pretty sure I love the CPO plan.

I'm leaning toward the 135i with the ZHP (what do they code that package as these days?) package in it. The 135 seems zippy, nimble and the perfect highway car for my 84 mile highway commute.

However the more practical part of me says a four-door 335i +/- ZHP would be equally as nice and maybe a little roomier. I'd be leaning away from AWD as I miss my RWD badly.

I guess the other possibility would be an older e46 M3. I must say the electrical work in any 3 series e46 scares the crap out of me and despite my unhealthy passion for the M I'd also lean away from this. I only say e46 M3 cause I don't think even the oldest CPO e90 M3's are in price range.

Wanted to hear some thoughts from the Enthusiasts out there.

I'd label myself a spirited but safe driver, 14 years on the road with 0 tickets and 0 accidents.

The follow up question is cheap Kia SUV winter beater or X5 diesel?

02-14-2011, 11:00 PM
I'd go for one of the last E46 M3's. By 2005-06 they were pretty reliable and solid (just avoid the SMG aka Serious Money Gone gearbox).

The S54 3.2 liter 333 hp engine in the E46 M3 is the pinnacle of BMW inline 6 engine development and is much more reliable than the units in the 135i/335i with their HPFP fuel pump issues.

And for a winter beater, get a Subaru or a 4wd Toyota like a RAV4. Kia? Ugh.