: Drove my X5 on the track yesterday :)

02-09-2004, 05:16 AM
I took my X5 to spectate at a Speedtrial USA event yesterday at Buttonwillow raceway, and they had a lunchtime "parade lapping" session. So on a whim my friends and I jumped in the car and I started driving on the track. I usually drive my Supra on the track, but I didn't feel like spending another $400+ right after another STUSA event a month earlier.

Overall it was a FUN experience. I was driving easy at first, but then I started going driving it pretty hard and screamed around every corner, lol. Just like the freeway onramps, the car handles very well. But it started understeering on the sweepers, just as I expected. In the end, I didn't drive the car as hard as some of the normal street corners I take on a daily basis, because the track is unfamiliar to me.

I left the DSC on, and the "!" flashed around every corner. Didn't really get a chance to heat up the tires to optimal temperature because in each turn I was wary of the $1100 tire change for my 19" rims if I went too wild. Maybe I'll get a set of 17's and see what happens. But I can always get a set of 4.6is 20" on 315 tires, but then that'll get VERY expensive =X