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: E39 Drivers Side Window Regulator W/Out Motor

03-01-2011, 11:06 AM
Hello guys, I have not really posted much on the forums here but I have looked countless times at the forums but never really got into posting. but anyways I bought this window regulator brand new on ebay to replace mine in my 02 530i. anyways after I had taken the door panel, airbag, speaker, and vapor barrier off, what i had found is that the window had come off of the tracks due to one of the metal wires gettting snagged. put everything back together and it worked just how it was supposed to without any issues. so now i have a drivers side window regulator sorta just hanging out in my garage with no use for it. I have it up on ebay right now for 74.87 and i will be willing to let it go on here for 70 shipped since no ebay fees. selling it cheap to help someone else out and i want to get rid of this fast since i have some audio plans. my ebay account is "wissman38" if you would like to look up some of my feedback since I do not have much rep on this site. thanks for looking

Part: E39 D/S window regulator w/out motor

Condition: Brand new but the original box was opened

Location: Fort Wayne, IN

Price: 70 Shipped in Con US

Part Number: 51-33-8-252-393

Ebay account for reputation: Wissman38

04-08-2011, 12:54 AM
Is this still available?