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03-03-2011, 06:31 PM
FS: Updated -Blemished (used) Z4M Steering Wheel $350

I have a used, BLEMISHED, Z4M steering wheel for sale. Approx 38 months old. Part #32307836820. Diameter of 370 mm, tri-color stitching.

This Multifunction steering wheel was blemished by a mobile detailer who accidentally applied chemical[s] to it and lifted some of the color from lower left segment of the wheel. They attempted to restore it at my request, with mixed results. Pictures below tell the story. In the end they split the cost of a new wheel with me. This wheel does have the tri-color M stitching. It does NOT have the "M" spoke trim, MF switches or airbag. All of those can be dealer-sourced.

Full disclosure: the lower-left quarter of the wheel is a different shade of black than the rest, and is shiny in spots where restoration was attempted. There is minor wear along both thumb grips. These are purely aesthetic defects - the wheel is functionally fine.

If you want a great wheel for your track car or a project car, this might work for you. If you can re-dye leather or re-cover a wheel, this might work for you.

A new wheel goes for $638 + shipping from Tischer BMW (cheapest US online). I am asking $350 (including ground shipping in USA) via paypal, or local pickup in Low Sand Jellies.




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"le bump"

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