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: When you foam your vehicle...

03-19-2011, 07:59 AM
...do you also scrub it with a MF mitt as normal? I am not using a pressure washer---just a hose and a foamer.

Also--suggestions on which soap to use in the foamer that will work best? I used Meguiars Gold today....worked okay.

03-19-2011, 10:16 AM
Yes, you'll have to agitate so use the mitt.

Let the foam dwell a while. It'll soften the crud and make the removal easier.
I'll actually foam twice. The first time I let it dwell then blast off as much surface dirt as I can, then do a second foaming. That's the one I use the mitt on.

To minimize swirls, use this technique:
Take off the foamgun. Put on a nozzle with volume control or just one of those quick connect units with the brass on/off valve. Mitt in one hand. Hose in the other hand.
Adjust the valve/nozzle so it has a small volume of water. Keep the hose on the up side of the mitt so the water will flow through the mitt and down.
Use a light touch with the mitt.

This technique takes a bit longer but the lack of swirls makes it worthwhile if you have a darker car.

Oops, forgot about the shampoo. Your Meg's is fine. It has good lubricity which is what you want. I use the Detailer's Pride/Pro Extreme Foam stuff in the foam gun, the foam cannon, and the foam bazooka. Ok, ok, ok, I don't have a foam bazooka.