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: PAC tells how... to care for your windshield
03-30-2011, 12:32 PM
How to Care for your Windshield

If your windshield is dirty or soiled then driving in the rain can be dangerous. Even using your windshield wipers on less than perfectly clean glass will cause micro scratches. Over time these scratches will cause a blinding glare from headlights or the sun. Perhaps nothing is more dangerous then watching your wipers fling back and forth rapidly, failing to remove the opaque film of water stuck to your windshield. No other part of your car is as important to your safety as a windshield in good condition, however no other part of the car is as unknowingly abused.

Keep it clean!

Frequently cleaning your windshield is the most important step in keeping caring for your windshield and keeping you safe. Road grime, pollution, and road oils stick to glass more than they stick to paint. Overtime these oils build up and the grime hardens, leaving behind a difficult to remove film. Even if you wash your car frequently we still recommend using a dedicated glass cleaner such as Eimann Fabrik Clear Vision ( Glass Science Rain Clear Window Cleaner ( frequently. This is because car soap has to be wax friendly and gentle. It doesn’t always provide enough cleaning power to strip oil and grease from glass. Use a glass cleaner with our ‘Silk-Fiber’ Dragon Fiber Glass Cleaning Clothes ( every week to keep your class crystal clear.

Keep it protected!

Not only is a protected windshield easier to clean, but it will cause rain to bead up and run off of the glass. This reduces or, in many cases ,eliminates the need to run your windshield wipers. Windshield wipers, particularly if used on dirty grass, cause scratches. In the rare case you may need to use your wipers on protected glass, you will find that the water sweeps away effortless (and completely!) as the blade glides over the paint. You can protect your windshield with your favorite car wax or paint sealant as this offers some nice benefits or you can opt for glass specific coatings, such as our favorite: Glass Science (

The very first step in caring for the windshield is to get is completely cleaned. Start by washing your windshield of any dirt or grime.

Next, use detailer’s clay to remove any tough insect remains or any ‘stuck-on’ contaminants. Remember to use plenty of lubricant and let the clay glide over the glass.

After claying your windshield apply Glass Science Glass Scrub ( with a foam applicator to a wet windshield in order to deeply clean the glass. Glass Scrub ( must be applied to a wet windshield so we recommend rinsing the windshield off after claying. Apply a moderate amount of Glass Scrub ( a soft foam applicator and spread a light film over half of the windshield.

Now work the Glass Scrub ( the windshield using firm pressure and overlapping strokes. Rinse residue away completely and dry the towel. Your glass should be crystal clear and ready for protectant.

Remain clear with Rain Clear.

After deep cleaning your glass it is time to protect it. Glass Science Rain Clear ( formulated by glass wizard Howard Ohlhausen. Mr. Ohlhausen is considered the utmost authority on glass surface coatings. You may have heard of or used a little product in a yellow bottle that he created years ago called Rain-X. After selling Rain-X in 1997 Mr. Ohlhausen set out to improve on his formula.

Glass Science Rain Clear ( water easier and at lower speeds than any other glass coating product we have ever tested! Florida gets many tropical rainstorms during our rainy season. We have yet to find a product that lasts as long and is as effective at lasting the entire season.

Apply a small about of the Rain Clear gel ( a paper towel. Apply to one half of the windshield at a time, buffing in small circles until the fresh layer is barely visible. This may take several minutes.

To remove the remaining light film of product, wipe the glass with a damp paper towel, then dry completely. Repeat on the other side.

Keeping it up.

With Glass Science Rain Clear ( applied to your windshield you may ask yourself how you ever drove in the rain before. To keep your windshield performing its best you want to keep it clean. Wash and dry the glass when you wash your car. Every two weeks clean all of your glass with Glass Science Rain Clear Window Cleaner ( This specially formulated product will not strip the existing coating, but instead replenish it.

Re-apply Rain Clear Gel protectant ( when you notice a degradation in the quality of water beading. Depending on how frequently the windshield has been cleaned and environmental factors such as rain and sun exposure, Clear Vision ( should last between 3 months and a full year. We recommend deep cleaning your windshield on an annual basis using Glass Scrub (

Final Touches-

While the Glass Science Treatment ( reduce the amount of times you use your windshield wipers, they may still need be called into duty. Treating your windshield wiper blades with 303 Wiper Treatment ( keep your blades soft and pliable by covering them in UV protection. If your blades are dry, cracked, or brittle it is best to replace them. If you live in a southern climate or close to the equator we recommend treating your blades every month.