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: Any tips on importing MP3 music.

03-31-2011, 05:27 PM
My reason for this question is as follows. I am picking up via the EDP program next week, my 535i xDrive GT and wanted to bring enough music. The goal is not to have to keep searching for a radio station for the three week I will be driving around Europe, nothing personal you Europeans, just wanted something that is comfortable like a pair of old shoes.

This is the excerpt from the users guide.

CD/DVD or USB device with compressed audio files: the entire content of the CD/DVD or the USB device is stored in the vehicle as an album. The WMA, MP3, M4A*, and AAC* formats are stored. Individual tracks and directories can be deleted later, Delet***8208; ing a track and directory, refer to page 191. Tracks with DRM copy protection can be stored but cannot be played back.

Can anyone that has input MP3 music tell me if I am on the correct track.

1. I am using a USB thumb drive.
2. The thumb drive is formatted as FAT32
3. I plan to place four (4) or five (5) directories each containing about 200 songs.
4. Each directory currently can be imported to Apple iTunes and each is recognized as a single album with 200 tracks.
5. Each pseudo album is called something like ( Classical, Jazz, Soft Rock, etc ).

Will the radio preserve the album names I have created using a ( ID3.v2 ) tagging program. All the files have no DRM and are MP3 files..


04-04-2011, 03:35 PM
When in the center console, my 32GB USB stick has it's library read and displayed just fine in the external devices area.

I am not sure if there is an advantage to copying to the hard disk, but I am now seeing how much gets copied to the "music collection" section.

In any case, the USB intfc in the center console works pretty well--although not as well as the iPod itself. Seems to require fewer clicks to get to the artist/album combo that I want.

Your tags will be preserved. I use Winamp to correct my tags and they seem to be working fine in the 2011 335Xi I am driving.

04-06-2011, 11:05 AM
Easy enough to copy that USB to the hard drive and save it to the music collection. Use the USB port in the Glove Box. I have about 700 songs there and it takes about 15 minutes to copy them all in. Nice thing is that if you later want to delete them all, you can dump them and start all over again with the delete function.

I use a 4GB flash drive and iTunes, save the files in MP3 formats (some are direct from CD's and translated to MP3 through iTunes). Only caveat is to be sure to use a folder (album) for each artist so you can sort by album and/or artist. The first time i didn't do that and it was difficult as I had to sort by artist only.

OR, you can plug into your USB port in the console and listen that way too. Either way, enjoy your tunes!