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DIY - BMW iPod integration kit

04-24-2011, 08:25 AM
Ok, this is intended to assist you in installing the dealer available BMW iPod integration kit into your 200X 7 series. This kit will cost you about $450 if you purchase the kit, mounting bracket, and the plastic silver dash piece for the non CD changer cars. Please reference this other DIY by another member for reference photos:

Important Note: BMW is pretty methodical about the way they assemble their cars; unlike other manufacturers, things will come apart easy if proper care is taken. NEVER force anything, but always use a gentle hand to dislodge parts after the appropriate fasteners have been removed or loosened.

Tools required:

Philips head screwdriver (long)
T-20 torx driver or socket with ratchet
7MM wrench
5/16" 1/4 drive socket
old credit card
Needle nose pliers
Flat blade screwdriver

STEP 1: Remove the passenger side dashboard vent using the credit card by gently prying up against the silver edge, all the way around, after inserting the card between the vent and dash plate.

STEP 2: Remove the vented grille below the iDrive screen by gently prying up the front edge with the credit card again. Be careful here as there are plastic tabs that hold it in place and you don't want to break them. It should pop out easily; additionally gently pull up the plastic piece below it that covers the vents (from the front edge).

STEP 3: Move the steering wheel into the most outward and low position; remove the cover panel below the instrument cluster, directly on top of the wheel by gently pulling up.

STEP 4: Remove the 4 torx screws holding the center vent into the dashboard; these are accessed through the opening where you just removed the second piece of plastic below the iDrive screen, and are close to the edge of the dash woodgrain.

STEP 5: Gently push and wiggle the center vent out towards you, while watching the temperature sensor wiring in the center. Once the vent is dislodged, unplug the wire harness (the credit card comes in handy for this to as you will see by the connector). Set the assembly aside.

STEP 5: Remove the two Philips head screws to the left and right side of the iDrive screen holding the dash woodgrain in place. These screws will be slightly behind and above the torx screws you removed to pull out the vent.

STEP 6: Remove the nut holding the right side of the dash trim in place; you can access this nut through the passenger side vent opening in the dash, where you removed the grill piece earlier (it's on the right side in the opening).

STEP 7: Gently rock and pull the entire woodgrain dash piece towards you, starting with the drivers side; use caution not to smack the gearshift lever; placing an old sock over the lever can help; the way this was installed from the factory requires you to pull the drivers side out, working across to the passenger side, to where you removed the nut from the stud in the vent area. Gently pull and rock on this piece to dislodge, then pull outward and move it to the right to free the right side mounting stud from the dash. Place this piece on a blanket in a safe area, it is expensive!

STEP 7: Remove the 4 Philips head screws holding he CD changer face plate to the dash. Open the glovebox. Pop the glove box unlocking cable gently from it's clip mount and turn 90 degrees to disengage from the button. Gently pull and rock the entire assembly towards you to remove; as soon as the unit comes out be sure to carefully disconnect the fiber optic connector from the unit. Set the CD changer aside.

STEP 8: Open your BMW iPod kit and remove the new Alpine integration unit; using the felt pad in the kit, cut and place the self adhesive felt around the underside of the mounting bracket you should have purchased with this kit. Mount the Alpine unit to the bracket using the 7mm wrench (nuts and studs are on the bracket, only mounts one way), in the elongated slotted holes, as far backward in the bracket as you can get it. This is important, so that the fiber optic cable has the largest radius possible to bend as it enters the new device. Ensure the unit is separated from the bracket by the felt all the way around, and tighten down the 7mm nuts.

STEP 9: Remove the 2 small "E" clips from either side of the glovebox, one from the cylinder on the left, and one from the strap on the right. Pop off both and gently allow the glove box to drop down out of the way.

STEP 10: Using a step drill, locate a spot in the flat area directly above the flashlight mount and drill a hole large enough to accommodate the rubber grommet in the kit. Use a razor blade and make a clean cut on one side of the grommet; Run the Alpine side of the included iPod cable through the grommet, and insert the grommet into the hole. Leave some slack as this side will plug into the adapter.

STEP 11: Use caution here...the rear of the new mounting bracket has a rubber nose that will insert into a holder behind the dash where the old CD changer was. Carefully plug in the fiber optic cable to the new unit, and gently move the unit into place. The fiber optic cabling is quite stiff so use caution when mounting the device. Gently move the bracket into position; at this time also plug in the Alpine side of the iPod cable. I then ran the iPod side of the cable along the left side of the glovebox in the corner, out the bottom of the glove box lid by the passenger footwell.

STEP 12: Begin the reassembly with the new dash piece (if purchased). Place the new piece in place and reinstall the 4 screws (the new iPod unit mount installs with this piece at the same time, with the bracket behind the plastic trim, just as the CD changer was.)

From this point it's simply a reversal of the above to put everything back together. Take a moment once the new unit is in and test it out; plug in your ipod/iphone and give the car power with the key and start button. The CDC should light up after a moment in the iDrive and show you CD1* through 6*, then display the corresponding menus as listed in the booklet. After a moment or two you should have the iPod functionality through the iDrive and steering wheel buttons. As mentioned paring down the songs and playlists on your ipod/iphone will speed up how quickly it reads in the iDrive.

Now go out and enjoy your new ability to jam to your tunes without CD's or crappy FM transmitters! :thumbup:

If you have questions shoot me a PM or email mopauly at and I'll try to help.