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night vision camera

04-25-2011, 06:15 PM
I currently drive a 550GT but night vision camera is same across the models.
First of all I did not equip the car this way as I bought a demo and it had this already.
I have had the car about 6 months. About 2 weeks ago a rock flying from a truck hit the camera and broke the lens.
Unclear how much to fix it. If the lens can be replaced it might be 800 dollars but if the camera module needs replaced then they are quoting be 7000 dollars
Insurance should cover under comprehensive.

Any thoughts about the following:
1. Night vision option is 2400 dollar option but they want 7000 to replace
2. Camera in a bad location and has no protection from flying debris. Agree it is a small area but obviously it is only a matter of time.
3. Should BMW be responsible if it is a bad design and no rigid plastic or glass structure covers the lens.
4. Has anybody had anything like this happen to them and what happened.


04-25-2011, 10:13 PM
Knocking on wood no damage thus far. I do clean and check the lens regularly however. I do recall my S.A. stating that some college students wanted to conduct a project on the technology and inquired about the costs. I believe his estimates where in the $4k-$5k range. As with all OEM options, the costs are cheaper when spec'd/fitted during the initial build process. Retrofitting the same - for repair or othwerwise - after production is always higher.

The same night vision system as ours on the RR Ghost is a $4k option I believe. Granted it is a "Rolls", the only difference I could detect is the shape and material (round high gloss) used for system activation :rolleyes:

BTW: one of the screens on my rear entertainment system has a very small barely visable spot that is being replaced under warranty. Costs for said screen is $2,000.00 without labor. The rear entertainment system is $2600.00 for the entire package. Just gives you a perpsective of the dealer charges for equipment procurement post production.

I am so glad you have coverage, because damn that is expensive:eek: Do yourself a favor and call around to other BMW parts sources to validate your dealer's stated cost for replacement.