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: 3 series System and other add-ons

02-26-2004, 09:53 PM
Hi, I'm new to these boards, as i have just begun modifying my 2003 330ci. I love my car, and I'm just searching the net for ideas and opinions.

First of all, as I've already stated, I have a 2003 330ci, Steel Gray, Premium, Sport, Cold Weather, Harmon Kardon, 18" M Series MV spoke rims, and more...please reply on what you think would be an ideal upgrade.

The possibilities-

1. Tint [Either 35% all the way around (excluding windshield), or 20% all the way around (excluding windshield]

2. Sound System (Thinking somewhere in the vicinity of maybe a 2400 Rockford Fasgate amp, accompanied by 2 12" Pioneer Premier 801s 800W subs. (Not really experienced with systems though)

3. Cold air intake. Really don't know much about intakes, your opinions would be greatly appreciated.

4. after those 3, I'd like DVD player/TV's (TVs in the visors, and headrests maybe)

I'm just throwing ideas out there, Don't know which ones I want to do yet. If you would all recommend something to me, I'd appreciate it since i'm not experienced. If you wouldn't mind including estimated prices either, that'd be great, but it's not that important.

Thanks for all your help.

2003 - 330ci

Dr. Phil
02-27-2004, 05:18 AM
Video add on do it :thumbup:

I have indash 7" and will be adding headrest monitors later this spring. My son never complains about riding to grandpa's house any more :D

As for tint, I have not done any since in PA it is illegal and I already get enough looks :eek:

Sound system upgrade, a definite IMO. I gutted everything but sub add-on is a good place to start :thumbup:

CAI - been there done that in my 325. Skipping it on my 330 unless I do other mods that it would blend in with. The hiss is too strong for the benefits it adds when used solo...YMMV