View Full Version : Autobild showcases the forthcoming Z2 and Z4

04-29-2011, 01:23 PM
BMW insider Scott tips us off to the Autobild article highlighting what the new Z2 and Z4 might look like. He specifically says -

"The latest Autobild showcases the forthcoming Z2 and also gives a preview of the next Z4. However next Z4 is going through the motions as we speak so it is too early to discuss overall design details."

Interesting to note that while he is very clear that this might not be what the new Z4 looks like he doesn't say anything about the Z2. Does that mean the Z2 shown is close to the final design from Munich?

A Z2 with the new 2.0 twin turbo could be a blast of a car! What do you think, is the Z2 a stud or dud?

If anyone can translate the article let us know what it says - http://www.autobild.de/bilder/bilder-aus-auto-bild-17-2011-1540068.html#bild3|ref=http://www.autobild.de/artikel/auto-bild-17-2011-1429992.html