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: Let the waiting begin...

05-14-2011, 02:47 AM
Just placed an order for a replacement to for my totaled 535 Xdrive GT

New Order
2011 GT 535 Xdrive
Dark Graphite II
Cinnamon Dakota
Heated Front Seats
Rear Shades
Convenience Package
Heads Up Display
Camera Package
Rear Seat Entertainment
BMW Apps

Took advantage of the 1,730 credit on Navi this month and 1.9%. This deal is approx 500.00 below invoice. I hope it doesn’t take to long I've heard anywhere from 6-10 weeks. I looked at the Sedan and X3 this time and could not fall in love with the 2 as I had with the GT. Sedan with almost same equipment was approx 4, 500 cheaper but you loose two things. 1. Space, 2. Uniqueness!

Also on a side note according to the dealer GT has outsold the 5 Series Sport wagon if you compare to Sport wagon sales when they were on this side of the shore in the first Quarter of this year.

05-14-2011, 03:46 AM
Congrats! - nice color combo:thumbup:

05-14-2011, 05:45 AM
sorry to hear about your totalled GT. enjoy your new one!

05-18-2011, 01:48 PM
Called dealer today and car is in 112 status...