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05-15-2011, 06:51 AM
17" BMW Style 32 Staggered Wheels
1997-2003 BMW E39 540i 530i 528i 525i

Front Wheel Size: 17" x 8" 20mm offset (IS20)
Rear Wheel Size: 17" x 9" 26mm offset (IS26)
Bolt Pattern: 5x120

Recently remanufactured. Never been mounted. Still in shipping crates. Mint condition - no flaws. $800/bro. Can send detailed pictures.

Can pick-up: Seacoast NH - Shipping approx $40 each.
Must sell - sold car.


05-15-2011, 02:14 PM
Do you have two {2} fronts or just a front and a rear . If you have two fronts I may be interested if you decide to sell only the two .In Vermont could pick up. pics two 3whit@comcast.net ,for fronts only.Thanks

05-15-2011, 04:45 PM
This is a complete set of four wheels - 2 front and 2 rear. I prefer not to break up the set.

05-15-2011, 05:12 PM
This is a complete set of four wheels - 2 front and 2 rear. I prefer not to break up the set.

OK Thanks .

05-15-2011, 05:52 PM
beautifull wheels that are not too common.

05-15-2011, 05:57 PM
beautifull wheels that are not too common.

Agreed, I have the complete set on my 3.0,Z3 Coupe ,The problem is that the front wheels are discolored and need to be re finished so I need a set to switch with while I get mine done . GL with:beerchug: your sale.

05-20-2011, 05:28 AM
are these still for sale?

05-20-2011, 05:30 AM
Yes, they are still available.

07-17-2011, 10:37 PM
I am interested, I'd like to understand what "remanufactured" means. These went back to the manufacturer for repair?

07-20-2011, 04:15 PM
Will these wheels fit my 2001 z3 coupe?

07-20-2011, 04:49 PM
Hi I have two of these wheel which were in need of repainting. The previous owner used some type of cleaner on them that removed the finish. The ones I have were removed from my 2001 Z3 Coupe,3.0,5 speed. They are boxed up and ready to go .Will ship 48 states ,These wheels are in nice shape run true balance perfect and were only removed because I purchased a reconditioned set so I could just switch them out .It is my summer daily driver so I didn't want it down .If you would like pictures I can send them no problem .3whit@comcast.net

05-27-2015, 01:17 PM
Ar these for sale stil?

11-08-2015, 07:18 PM
Hi Capt. Doug

Hope your on soon and that you've not sold the wheels in that I am interested. Please let me know either by a post or PM, thanks